5 Reasons Why People Share Food Photos

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In Today's world we can see food photos taken by people in almost every platform. We share these food photographs on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vinclo. With each passing day sharing food photographs become a new business sector by becoming more and more popular. Increase in the searching for professional food photographers, new food blogs on the internet and food photography courses are indication of popularity. So, what is the reason of this, why it's so popular and why we share photos of foods or drinks?


Despite the fact that eating and drinking are the one of ours basic needs, with the expansion of eating outside it has become a way of self expression rather than a necessity1. People are connecting when the other people share a photo of what they eat or drink, where they have gone with their personality. As a result of this , people try to show others for create a good impression by sharing their lifes .

Reputation and Status

People tend to show what can they produce or what they are capable of we can easily say that eating in a famous and good restaurant creates perception of a status. For instance; the number of sharing food photographs is much more when people went to the lux and classy restaurants when comparing to the local restaurants. Now, we approach to sharing a food photographs as a status or prestige.

We Want to Share

We want to share things we saw, places we went or our experiences. We want to share our feelings of moment with our friends, followers. Desire of sharing of our happiness is the reason of taking pictures of selfies with the delicious foods which we are gonna eat

Social Needs and Belongings

Widespread use of the Internet and time spend in social media create a feeling the need of belonging to a groups. People with common interests are connecting each other easier. Foodies is on of these groups.Foodies are the people who has their own food blogs and share the food photos of they ate in the places like restaurants or cafes. Oh, before we forget they are becoming more popular and their follower numbers are increasing very quickly.

Restaurants Try to Increase Their Popularity

Rapid growth trend in the food and drink sector has made competitiveness crucial for the market. Players in the food and beverage industry such as restaurants, cafes and bistros are give more attention social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vinclo) and become more active for promote themselves more efficiently. They are try to show customers the service quality of their offer. While doing this,often they share of elegant, stylish food photographs of their restaurants. In fact, some restaurant owners hire and work with professional food photographers to reach and present to the customers.

We can say that, the sociologists and psychologists will make more research and investigation on increasing in the sharing food photos on the internet. You can share your opinions, suggestions or question with us and participate in discussions on this topic. Discover with Vinclo:)


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